diesel generators prove to be a boon during power cuts, but to ensure their safe running you must take into consideration some maintenance tips.

In today’s time, having a generator at your workplace and home is a must to fight power outages. The diesel generators are a popular choice of business houses and individuals world over as they are easy to use and offer automatic functioning during power cuts. But what you must remember that they can hazardous to life as well as property if you don’t take precautions during its operation and maintenance.  Here arepreventive diesel generatormaintenance tips:-

Firstly, even if your generator is running smoothly you should, it needs periodic general inspection. There are few parts of the diesel generator, which should be monitored for safety when the generator is switched on. These parts are the fuel system, exhaust system, DC electrical system as well as its engine. Any leaks, if present, must be fixed immediately to prevent any hazardous occurrences.

Secondly, no matter what are the generator specifications, it is vital to check the engine oil by switching off the diesel generator. Apart from this, you must make it a point to change the oil and filter after regular intervals. The lubricating of the generator on a timely basis will ensure it continues to work for a long time to come without any hassle.

Thirdly, to ensure that your diesel generator’s batteries don’t deteriorate, you should keep them fully charged at all times. With regular testing of the batteries any start-up problems can be handled before the generator stops functioning. Also, keep them clean and check the electrolyte levels of the battery often.

Fourthly, the cooling system plays a very significant role in the smooth functioning of the generator. Thus, make certain that the coolant levels are regularly checked, especially its exterior so that there is no dirt or obstruction. When the engine is shut down you must take off the radiator’s cap, allowing the engine to cool.

Lastly, as a general rule, whatever diesel you put in your generator you must use it up maximum within a year. This will make sure the fuel does not get degraded or contaminated. Drain out the fuel filter frequently so that any dust and water vapors are drained from its reservoir.