Adpower relationship with this customer was started during 2008 when this customer purchased four units of FPT / IVECO 60 KVA generator, powered by FPT / IVECO  N45SM1A (F4GE0455C*F650) diesel engine. These Four generators were supplied with spare parts. Oil Filter 2992242 and Fuel Filter  504107584. Adpower stocks FPT/IVECO spare parts in Jebel Ali Dubai. Later during 2012, this customer also purchased Perkins 20 KVA Sound proof generator. (PM20C) which was powered by Perkins 404D-22G engine and Meccalte ECP28-1LN/4 alternator. Perkins spare parts Oil filter 140517050 and Air filter 135326206 were also supplied to this customer.  Adpower stocks FPT/IVECO and Perkins spare parts in Jebel Ali Dubai.  Many customers in Zambia are already using Adpower high quality products. About 5000 centers are present across 160 nations in the world, which aim to provide services as and when required. As per the current records, the customers of IVECO Diesel Engines are happy and satisfied with the level of performance of the generators. In addition to this, the qualitative services being provided by the respective service centers are also mind blowing. IVECO diesel engines which are provided by Adpower generators range between power of 60 and 450 KVa. It has always made huge efforts by pushing itself to create new milestones in the industry. International warranty is covered by IVECO generators and Meccalte. These generators are environment-friendly as one of their basic aims is to have a control on noise pollution. Unlike other generators, they can be maintained and operated in an effective manner. They prove to be reliable and clean as well. The investment made in IVECO generators proves to be useful in the long- term as it offers a better span of life. All the above mentioned features help in making IVECO diesel generators distinct from others, thereby becoming the topmost choice for its customers.