Strong winds, heavy snow or ice accumulations are natural conditions that can bring down trees and power lines. Lightning strikes, flooding and vehicle accidents can damage electrical transformers or other electrical distribution equipment. All of these conditions can result in a blackout affecting thousands of homes.

From everyday necessities like heating, cooling and lights, to daily essentials like cooking, laundry or the kids’ bath time. Power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects. A generator is the kind of thing that new houses should be built with, just like air conditioning. Permanent power protection is more important than ever as unexpected power outages have become more frequent and are lasting longer. Causes range from severe weather to an overtaxed power grid.

An Adpower generator seamlessly backs up the circuits you choose during a power outage. It automatically starts within seconds of detecting power loss, and runs on the home’s existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. Choose a backup option from essential circuit, managed whole-house or complete whole-house coverage. These diesel generators provide permanent, backup protection from power outages for your home, and your family.

Adpower generators are engineered to exacting standards. They are guaranteed to deliver years of reliable and dependable power. But even beyond its products, it is a company that is committed to perform its very best for you.With its line of diesel generators it helps provide permanent, backup protection from power outages for your home and family. So you can find the right generator with flexible power solution options that allow you to select the level of backup power protection needed for your household. Its advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away.