Proper installation of diesel generators not only ensures their efficient working but also their long life.

There are several fundamental requirements that are needed to be fulfilled and different parameters that must be looked after whenever a diesel generator is to be installed. Being an electrical system and working at higher voltages, the proper installation becomes a mandatory part as any wrong connection may lead to short circuit of the whole electrical wiring. Some of the important requirements for a proper installation are as follows:

  • The place of installation of the diesel generators depends upon their use. Although, there are no strict rule but you should be aware of the dimension of the site and of that of generator to ensure a proper installation. Also, the proper placing of its electrical panel is very essential. A good site always have proper fuel refill space, correct exhaust and ventilation, proper base i.e. foundation and there must be ample of space left, after placing the generator, so as to perform any maintenance work of the generator.
  • Soundproofing of the generator has become vital these days as everybody wants a silent source of energy. For this, we have many generator options available from different generator suppliers. Such kind of energy is known as silent power in terms of engineering. Basically, soundproofing is done through a special type of cabinet in which generator is kept. These cabinets are designed from special fiber wool and stainless steel.
  • The electricity generating unit in a generator which is also known as alternator is coupled with an I.C. engine. This I.C. engine produces considerable amount of heat that must be discharged from the room to ensure proper operation. This heat can be removed in various manners including radiator cooling, engine exhaust pipe and radiator. A proper inlet and outlet system must be designed to ensure proper cooling of generator.
  • Electric system comprises of things like power cables, bus bars, connections, control panel, battery connection and others. Features like automatic start also come under this category and may or may not be available in diesel generators depending upon different generator suppliers. Electrical systems must be installed very carefully so as to ensure proper working of the system.