Portable generators adds to your convenience and can be used if you have a smaller budget, limited requirements, and the ability to manually start and operate a generator during an outage, a portable generator can be a good option. Having a high quality and high capacity generator that is portable opens up a variety of new options. Now you can take power wherever you need it. In-field repairs, construction on a remote part of your property, even grain drying without a utility connection are some of the uses Adpower customers have found.

For portable generators it’s important that:

  • An appropriately sized and grounded extension cord is connected directly between the generator and the appliance or device that requires power. Also check the cord for the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating for the capacity.
  • Cords must be rated for outdoor use.
  • Do not overload the cords or generator by connecting too large a load or too many items to the cord and be sure to route any cords where they will not be at risk for damage.
  • Do not plug any cords from the generator into any outlets or wall connections. This could lead to fire or electrocution to you or others nearby as well as those working on power lines.
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby and be sure to follow all instructions that come with the generator and contact a licensed contractor if you have any additional questions.

Usually our operations cannot afford to be without power for long. The Adpower series of generators allow you to take matters into your own hands. Its extensive model line-up supports power requirements from 12 Kilowatts to 100 Kilowatts. Adpower diesel generators gives you a portable power solution that is up to the 24hr 7 day a week demand and can be a cost effective alternative to installing utility power. Your power requirements on your property can vary by time of year and location. Whether you require emergency backup, portable in-field repair power or power for unserviced locations, Adpower generators can be a saviour and put the power in your hands