If you own a business, electricity failure is not an option. At home, you do not like to have an interruption in your routine because of a power outage. For this you may like to invest in a power generator. Read on to find out about some of the types of generators available to you.

An RV/Recreational Generator is used for, as the name suggests, recreational purposes.  One can carry it along on camping or outdoor trips to supply power for your needs to run a television or a computer and sundry other household machinery.  It needs to be fuelled by gasoline and is designed to be quiet so the noise and gasoline fumes do not dampen your fun. These can be purchased from any generator supplier in UAE.

A residential generator takes care of the household goods that you need to keep running when the power goes out. The refrigerators, electricity, television, washing machines and lights should keep running even if the electricity is out.  This is the kind of a generator that is required for keeping your household machinery running and it runs on gasoline and is found to be a must-have around the house.

Construction sites are not connected to electricity and it requires a generator to operate heavy machinery.  Such generators offer power of 650 Hz up to 180 Hz for running several tools and even high cycle vibrators.  In case such a type of generator is required generator suppliers in UAE can be contacted.

If you are running a large industrial unit and cannot afford to suffer because of an electrical failure, you can opt for a mobile towable generator.  Such a generator runs on diesel and provides sufficient power to run industrial machinery. It has several voltage applications which can be chosen depending on the needs of your industry. Another option is to use a standby generator to provide power supply needed for your industry or home when you suffer and electrical outage.  These generators come with an automatic starting system and transfer switch. These are ideal for agricultural applications also.

There are several other types of generators for various mobile uses.  There are vehicle mounted generators which are mounted on a vehicle and used for a business which takes place in an open area, for instance, agricultural spraying, or pumping required in some field area.  These can also be used in case of power supply for a medical emergency in a remote area.