The article discusses about the diesel generator, its usage and its types. There are various brands, models and types available in the market so select one which meets your requirements.

Power failure can occur due to bad weather or some technical issues in any area around the world. The failure interrupts the workflow and can adversely affect production sites due to loss of both money and time. At home work disrupted owing to power failures and people are left with little option as most of the appliances run on electricity. In such a situation whether in factories, organization or at homes power backup is a great alternative. A machine which produces power is generator which can be used as back up at the time of power failure.

The generator is also a great source of power in the outdoor location where there is no availability of electricity like rural areas, camp or construction sites.  Here is a look at the various types of generator available today:-

  • Portable generator: This generator is mostly used in homes or outdoor locations and is cheaper than other types of generator. A portable generator is operated with diesel or gas and manually operated to produce power backup. Because of portability it can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • Wind generator: This generator produce power using energy from the wind this is the only reason they are installed with wind turbines or windmills in open area. Such a generator converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy and at last into electric power. They are capable of supplying power to many houses and are installed in the area where regular power supply is not reached. The set-up of a wind generator is costly as it requires huge infrastructure.
  • RV generator:These are modern generators used for cabins, huge camp sites or trailer trucks. Such machines are wheeled and can be towed easily from one place to another. The RV generators are more powerful than portable generators because they can produce electricity for longer duration in comparison to them.

There are other types of generators like emergency Generator, small generator and many more. Selection of the generator should be done according to your power requirement and budget preference. There are a range of generator companies in dubai selling generators, which you can easily compare before placing your order. However, make sure the manufacturer you choose has a good history and is selling a genuine product.