To start with something that makes you feel good about yourself, you have to choose carefully. The biggest manufacturer of heavy and light weight vehicles has the advantage of selling their product with no second thoughts. Iveco proudly sits amongst the largest road transportation firms with an experience of almost 40 years. It has the key to all the main products used widely in food and pharmaceutical industries. It also manufactures lightweight vehicles for agricultural purposes. ‘The Daily’ got the most attention among the 2.8 to 7 ton vehicles used for distribution in the surrounding areas. It got attention from its first generation 1978 and started growing after its third generation when two new versions were launched viz. ‘Agile’ with automatic gearshift and ‘CNG’ with natural gas compatibility. Iveco, being the only producer to offer ecological diesel and natural gas engines, has the ability to encompasses all the minor and major glitches regarding the profitable manufacturing of heavy and light weight vehicles. After their European incorporation, their line of Iveco buses called the Irisbus made news owing to its wide range of lengths and environmental conveniences. It promoted sustainable mobility and provided large scale industries and businesses for transport of goods and passengers. The ‘Astra’ line of production also became a huge success owing to the brilliance of Italian technology and their failsafe methods to manufacture vehicles which show high performance standards in deserts and other rocky areas. In 2005, it sponsored All Blacks and gained worldwide attention. Simultaneously, they launched the new line of ‘Stralis’ i.e.4X4 and similar versions of Trekker and Eurocargo. This boosted the output of the company and invited foreign alliances. In 2010, with the foundation of the Fiat Industrial Group and the opening of the Fiat Industrial village, Iveco’s collaborations have been influential. Its latest version of the daily was launched in 2011. The newest model of the Stralis viz. HI-Way was also launched at an event in the Fiat Village. It was awarded the ‘Truck of the Year’ at the IAA motor show. With its rate of growth, it will remain the leading manufacturer of heavy and light weight vehicles.

Iveco also released a ‘Daily4Africa’ trip from 18 September to 15 November with an aim to increase awareness on road safety. The sturdiness of 4×4 daily makes it a perfect journey.