As homes get bigger and technology becomes more sophisticated, you rely on electrical power more than ever. If the power goes out, homeowners can lose more than just the lights.

In fact, the average Dubai household will experience a power outage of few hours each year. Many of these outages are caused by…

  • Thunderstorms
  • Hurricanes
  • Sandstorms
  • Unstable utility power

So what’s the best way to protect a home from the hassle of a prolonged power outage? The answer is Adpower’s line of diesel generators. For over years, Adpower main focus has been power generation. As they move forward, they are expanding into new markets that utilize this expertise. Product lines include portable, residential, commercial and industrial applications. Its broad range of sizes offers choices for enough protection to back up only a few essential circuits or every circuit in the house.

The result of its efforts can be seen in every inch of our product offerings. Adpower is the name that home and business owners in every country have come to trust. It features ground-breaking power management technology, advanced safeguarding features that meet rigorous industry fire protection standards, and a unique air flow design that makes this best generator yet.

When calculating the “size” of generator you need, there are two key considerations:

Continuous Power and Peak Power. Continuous Power is the wattage required for operation of your appliances under normal load. The more appliances you want to be able run on generator power at a single time, the more wattage your generator will need to be able to produce. Extra Peak Power (or start up power) is the extra wattage required for appliances at start up or when they are running at their highest levels of power consumption.

Your generator will need to be able to produce the peak power necessary to start the appliances and devices you plan to run.

However, because it’s rare that multiple appliances start at once, you probably need a generator that can handle the extra peak wattage required only for your most power-hungry appliance–not all your appliances at once.