Today, with development in the field of science and technology, there are different types of generators available to help you choose one as per your requirement.

With the passage of time, generators have become most vital and effective way of electricity back up. They have become the main source of electricity generation,be it domestic or commercial.

We all know the world is constantly growing and developing with a speed of light so we need a reliable and effective way of energy generation to meet our day to day purposes. Generators have come up to be the most promising source of electricity in any circumstances.

Generators can be classified into different categories depending upon the area of their use and particular application. First one is high power generator and the other one is a low power generator. The high power generating devices find their application at different power plants such as nuclear power plants, thermal or hydro power plants. These kinds of generators are of high capacity, high ratings and are used to generate power of the higher orders. They basically require a prime mover such as a turbine for their operation so they are also known as turbo generators. They produce electricity which isthen transmitted through transmission lines for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The latter are the low power generators which produce power of lower orders. They are driven by a diesel engine which is attached to them at on end, so they got their name as DG sets i.e. Diesel generator sets. They are used to provide uninterrupted power supply and are kept as a power backup option at commercial buildings and our houses as well. They found their best applications at construction sites as these small DG units are portable and can be carried to places.

Moreover, the diesel generators are a boon for the gulf countries because they have exactly what is required to run these machines and that is oil. The easy and availability of oil and that too at lower prices make power generation easy, cheap and effective for these nations.

Thus, it can be said that over the past centuries, generators have proven to be the greatest invention of all the time. Therefore, they are the ultimate power solution to our regular electricity backup and will be unless we find a better option.