When a massive blackout affected Dubai International Airport’s terminal 1, it went partially dark and several flights got delayed following outage on Saturday evening. Not wanting to repeat such a massive power loss it is imperative to have gensets that will provide backup power in the event of another blackout. Choosing the right set is not difficult if you take the time to analyze your requirements carefully. Installation requires expert assistance and a strict adherence to local codes and regulations. When purchasing a generator, Adpower recommends that you select one that is capable of providing more power than you will need to supply your essential appliances. It strives to deliver products and services in ways that capture the essence of charm, good taste, and generosity of spirit. With a continuous commitment to safety, customization capabilities and innovative designs Adpower provides its dubai, UAE customers with unique event power distribution solutions.

Diesel engine generators are recommended due to their longevity and lower operating costs. Engines are either spark ignited (gas, natural gas, propane) or compression ignited (diesel). Modern diesel engines are quiet and generally require much less maintenance than comparably sized gas (natural gas or propane) units. Diesel Engines are better for heavy duty and last longer. Diesel fuel is also less combustible, making it safer to handle and store.

Diesel generators are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses apart from heavy usage in industries. A generator is a revolutionary product that brings clean and affordable standby power within the reach of millions of enterprises, homes and small businesses. Reducing the cost of backup power and making generators easy to install is becoming the norm these days. Businesses lose money when they shut down during a blackout.  In industries, during critical processes, diesel generators can supply emergency power to all vital and selected loads as desired. This quality leads to extensive use of diesel-powered generators across recreational, residential, business, communication, and industrial applications. Today, most state-of-the-art-hospitals, hotels, business process outsourcing centres, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, telecommunications organizations data centres, emergency facilities, large industries, and mining companies need uninterrupted power and have backup diesel engine generators. Thus having a portable generator and the fuel to operate can be a real life saver during a week-long power outage.