Unplanned or unexpected interruptions to your business’s power supply can occur for many reasons, including lightning, cyclones, storms, bushfires, car accidents, or trees or branches falling onto power lines. Sometimes they are due to faults in the electricity network

Generators are of different kinds and are operated by several types of fuels. Among other existing generators in the market, diesel generators are normally the choice of millions. Generators provide a backup power supply and help reduce the risk to your business during a power failure. Diesel generators can support power to critical parts of the property for many hours or days, and offer a convincingly quick response for maintaining supply and operations.

The reason that diesel generator sets are so common is probably that they are inexpensive to purchase and they can be installed at almost any place that can be reached by a truck. Another benefit of diesel generator is that their maintenance costs are low and when compared to gasoline operated generators they are cheaper due to the low fuel costs and due to no spark plugs. Buying a generator and getting it home is not all you need to do to prepare for the next power failure.

Diesel generators have the following benefits over others:

  • Better fuel efficiency
  • More power while burning less fuel
  • Routine maintenance is trouble-free because there are no spark plugs to deal with
  • Fuel is readily available
  • Fuel does not gum up as much during long periods of storage

Generally the investment cost for installing a diesel genset is low. The maintenance costs are also comparatively low, but the operation costs are high. The operation costs mainly consist of costs for diesel and lubricant oil. Thus the operating cost depend primary on the local diesel price, which in its turn depend on taxes, transportation costs and world market price.

Adpower is committed to helping your business better manage its electricity use. It has always looking for more ways to help our customers make their business more energy efficient, enhance their bottom line and help the environment.

Diesel generators are available in various designs and sizes according to the requirement of individuals and commercial purposes. As diesel gensets are attracting greater attention due to their higher efficiency and cost effectiveness, thus diesel generators have become very popular at homes, hospitals and commercial buildings. These efficient generators can either be your prime power sources or backup/stand by power sources.