Choosing the right generator can be a difficult task for most of us. Generators work on the principles of electromagnetism to generate electricity. Fundamentally, if two magnets are placed so that the opposite poles are adjacent to one another and a conductor is passed through the magnetic field between them, a voltage is generated inside the conductor. Diesel generators tend to have a longer life expectancy. Fuel can also be cheaper as you can use diesel and depending on the kind of engine chosen, maintenance costs thus can be lower too.

Diesel engines do not need a spark-type ignition system but use the heat of compression in the cylinder to supply the ignition source. Diesel fuel is put into the compressed air in the combustion chamber where it ignites suddenly. To supply the heat for combustion, a diesel engine runs a much higher compression ratio than a gasoline-fired engine. As a result, these engines tend to be of much heavier structure and longer lived than a gasoline engine of related output. These engines tend to be substantially more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines and need less maintenance due to the absence of a spark-type ignition system.

However, they also tend to be very weighty and do not lend themselves well to portable applications.  Some of the maintenance tips for diesel generating sets are:


  • Keep your generator as level, dirt-free and dry as possible.
  • By no means refuel your generator while it is running.
  • Never make a portable generator run inside your home or garage. It will produce poisonous carbon monoxide gas.
  • Keep your generator prepared for use by starting and testing it on a normal basis.
  • On electric start models, frequently trickle charge the battery.
  • Keep clean fuel on hand at all times, and follow safety advice on storing and using fuels.

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